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Want to join in the fun?

Show Floor Areas

a table with an awning over it

Vendors Booths

From fields of longboxes to go through to Pops and even a new cuddly friend. These are the places to find that special item you want!

a fancy trophy with a lightning bolt on it

Gary Reed Award

The Gary Reed Independent Creator of the Year Award showcases the best and brightest up-and-coming independent creators in comics.


Charity Auction

Bid on some amazing art created by our artist friends to help support our charity partners. Happening during the Cherry Capital Comic Prom Saturday night!

a pen


Legendary creators, voices from your childhood, and more!

a mask with lightning bolt eyebrows

Cosplay Contests

Kids and adults alike can compete in the cosplay contests to show off their amazing costume creations. Sponsored by Taco Bell and KFC!

video game controller

Gaming Stations

Check out some retro games or test your mettle in a Smash Bros tournament. Powered by iCON Tournaments.

paint pallete

Artists Alley

Original comics, commissioned artwork, graphic novels and more adorn the tables of this section. Find your favorite or even discover something brand new!

a microphone


Wanna learn the ins and outs of creating comics? Hear one of our guests speak about their career? Or maybe just watch a sketch battle. All this and more in the Outback Steakhouse Panel Room.

two playing cards

Board Game Room

Tabletop gaming more your style? Check out gaming demos and vendors or borrow a game from the game room sponsor Tabletop Underground to try a new game yourself!


Fri. 5:00 PM  |  Show Floor Opens
Fri. 8:00 PM  | Show Floor Closes

Fri. 9:00 PM  |  Steve Dillon Memorial Drink & Draw
Sat. 10:00 AM  |  Show Floor Opens

Sat. 5:30 PM  |  Gary Reed Award Presentation
Sat. 6:00 PM  |  Show Floor Closes
Sat. 6:15 PM  |  Adult Cosplay Contest

Sat. 8:30 PM  |  Cherry Capital Comic Prom

Sat. 9:00 PM  |  Charity Art Auction
Sun. 10:30 AM  | Matthew Litchfield Kids Costume Contest
Sun. 11:00 AM  |  Kids Costume Parade to Open Show Floor
Sun. 5:00 PM  |  Show Floor Closes

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