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Costume Contests

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Adult Costume Contest

A staple of the Cherry Capital Comic Con experience, the annual costume contest assures a great time for costume enthusiasts of all ages. Celebrity judges will be present to judge the contest. Contestants will be judged on both the costume and your portrayal of the costume. We don’t just want to see you dressed as your favorite character, we want you to convince us that you are the character. Don your capes and masks before heading to C4 this year.


  • No nudity. We strive to keep our show family friendly, please keep that in mind when preparing your costume.

  • No metal weapons of any kind.

  • All guns MUST be orange tipped.

  • All Ages Welcome!

The Adult Costume Contest is presented by Taco Bell and KFC. It takes place Saturday, May 25th, 2024 at 6:15PM

Sign ups will be accepted Friday and Saturday at the C4 Merch Booth and at the stage from 6:00-6:15PM.

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