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Student Artist Alley

The Cherry Capital Comic Con Student Artist Alley is intended to encourage younger creators to showcase their art works. It will hopefully instill confidence to express themselves artistically throughout their lives. More creators will always be beneficial to the comics community as a whole and we hope to put these young people on a lifelong journey of producing art in all forms!

Expectations from the applicants:

  1. Applicant must be the creator of the art that is being presented/sold

  2. Be Kind.

  3. Artists will be placed in either the area near our costume contest stage(middle school), or on the walkway over our main entrance(high school)

  4. Any kind of art is accepted (digital, pottery, drawing, painting, sculptures, clay art, etc.)

  5. Artists will be allowed to sell their creations. If you work digitally, our partner Snap Printing can help create physical prints to sell.

  6. If we receive more applications than we can accommodate, table space will be given by random draw.

  7. We may pair artists up to share a table(half for each artist). If you have someone you would like to pair with please let us know.

  8. Middle School group will present 12pm-2pm on May 26th. High School will present 1pm-3pm on May 26th.

  9. Artists should arrive 30 minutes early to set up. They will check in with McKenzie Schaub, a Cherry Capital Comic Con Staff member, near the C4 merch booth at the entrance to the main show floor.

  10. All applications will require parental/guardian consent and supervision at the show unless the applicant is 18.

Applications will be accepted until May 8th, 2024. Further information will be communicated after applications close, no later than May 15th.

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