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Come Play with Us!

C4 will be providing a FREE library of games to play while at the convention. Enjoy an old favorite or, staff and volunteers will be available to guide you on a new adventure!



 All- City Tournament

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Leading up to C4, our local game shops will host qualifiers to find the top 8 best players to compete for the final!

Stay Tuned for more Details!

May 25th, 12 - 3 PM



Join our guest enthusiasts and  creators for


Gaming for a Cure logo

Gaming For a Cure

We are Gaming For A Cure. We hold a couple of events a year and our proceeds go to Munson Cancer Foundation. We are a non-profit that has been gaming to help find a cure for cancer for over 13 years. Come join us and be a warrior of a different kind.

Demo Tables 1 - 3

a 20 sided die

Traverse City D-20 Gaming Group

A local gaming group dedicated to tabletop RPG's, TC D20 offers several opportunities to join a campaign for charity.

Demo Tables 6-8

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Jodie Brandt (Questwise)

Host of the QuestWise YouTube channel and tabletop game designer with over 20 years of gaming experience. Looks to bring new players into the fold through interactive and narrative gaming.

Demo Table 5

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Bryan Donihue

Section 28 Publishing is a small, independent press created by author Bryan Donihue to publish his dark paranormal fiction. The fiction published by Section 28 is typically urban fantasy. Currently, Section 28 only publishes works from Bryan, but we are looking forward to working with other authors.

Demo Table 10

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